Mission, Scope and Values

The Office of Undergraduate Education (UGE), led by the dean of undergraduate education, encompasses university services and programs that shape, support and enhance the undergraduate educational experience and includes the following:

  • Office of the Dean
  • UB Curriculum
  • UB Honors College
  • Experiential Learning Network (supporting for undergraduate experiential learning and research)
  • Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center

UGE provides critical university functions in management of undergraduate curriculum and related academic policies; supports the delivery of a broad and integrated 21st century general education to all UB undergraduates; develops and delivers co-curricular programs which support and enhance the undergraduate education experience; and provides enhanced undergraduate curriculum and services for university Honors scholars.

The Office of Undergraduate Education values student success, broad access to opportunities which provide a transformational undergraduate education, curricular integrity, collaboration and operational excellence.


UGE’s mission is in alignment with the following goals:

  • Provide innovative and transformational learning opportunities for and advance campus efforts towards developing, delivering and maintaining a high quality undergraduate curriculum that meets the needs of our 21st century students. 
  • Support the continued improvement of retention, completion, time to degree and educational experience across undergraduate education. 
  • Support campus efforts in building assessment into new curricular offerings and support continuous and rigorous assessment of the UB Curriculum.
  • Participate in outreach, marketing and engagement in support of university recruitment and philanthropic efforts.
  • Promote a culture of operational excellence and integration across all offices of Undergraduate Education.