Three students walking on North Campus with the UB Commons buildings in the background.

Your UB Journey

Life is a journey, not a destination. At UB, we feel the same about the college experience. Your undergraduate degree is so much more than a piece of paper you get at the end of it all. It encompasses every milestone, turning point and experience along the way.

Undergraduate education at UB is what you make of it. From the day you choose UB to your graduation day, you’ll encounter planned and unplanned moments that will shape your path. UB will help you navigate your way through, with support at every stage of your journey.


With three campuses, 30,000+ students, 140+ undergraduate majors and 400+ clubs and organizations, UB is like a small city...and it’s yours to explore. As a UB student, you are empowered to design the path that’s right for you.

A good place to start your exploration is to think about your undergraduate major. Discuss possible majors with people at UB, like your advisor(s), faculty and students currently in the program. You can learn about UB’s majors through the Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog. The Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center and the Career Design Center offer expert guidance in linking your interests and strengths to your goals. The UB Seminar offers hundreds of opportunities to explore inside and outside your comfort zone. 

Feeling excited, or totally intimidated? That’s normal. Everyone around you is going through the same thing. So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Join a random club. Say “Hi” to the person sitting next to you in class. Make time to talk to your professors. Growing your network is critical to exploring every corner of UB. 

Remember, there isn’t one single path to graduation; many paths can lead to success.


Whether you are set on a major from day one or are still exploring your options, UB provides you with tools to help you plan your academic journey. You will be assigned an advisor the summer before your freshman year; they can help you get started with course planning and identifying long-term goals. Your advisor's goal is the same as yours: Getting you off to a good start—and helping you maintain it.

Check out Year One for helpful information on transitioning to college and what to expect as you start your journey as a UB student. Read up on the UB Seminar, which will be one of your first college classes and the beginning of your undergraduate education. (FYI: It’s the first step of the UB Curriculum, which is the name for UB’s general education program.) In its small-class setting, the UB Seminar offers an excellent opportunity to connect with your classmates and UB faculty early on in college.

The Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog is a great planning tool. It has curricular plans for every major. The curricular plans show you what is required, each semester, to complete graduation requirements. You can use these as a roadmap for completing your program and UB Curriculum requirements on time. One more thing—if you’re receiving financial aid, remember that you have to stay on track to maintain your eligibility. Be sure to check in with your financial aid advisor periodically so you know where you stand.


Undergraduate education is more than your major. There’s something for every passion, hobby and interest at UB. We believe in learning through doing, and our unique way of doing things will leave a mark on your undergraduate journey. Ready to dive in? Here are some ways you can enhance your academic experience.

Academic Credentials

Minor in something modern.
When you pursue a minor, you can complement your program, explore a subspecialty and broaden your career path. UB frequently adds new minors, which provide major exposure to modern challenges. Visit the Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog to learn more.

Think big with Micro-Credentials and Digital Badges.
Smaller than a minor, certificate or degree program, micro-credentials and digital badges equip you with career and life-enhancing skills, showcasing your achievements.

Academic Excellence
Students who crave academic challenges and dynamic learning experiences will find them in the University Honors College. Honors scholars are intensely engaged with their academics, committed to excellence, inclusion and civic engagement, and actively seek opportunities to express their intellectual curiosity. If this sounds like you, Honors should be part of your UB journey.

If you did not join the Honors College as a freshman, you can enter through the Advanced Honors Program. Advanced Honors offers students with outstanding academic records the opportunity to be part of Honors College’s stimulating, diverse learning environment. Learn about the Advanced Honors Program and application requirements

Community Connections
Students interested in service and volunteerism have many options here. We’re deeply committed to our local, national and global communities, and we know our students are too. UB recognizes many service clubs and organizations dedicated to volunteering. You can also sign up for an Alternative Break trip and spend your time off helping others.

Leadership is a highly sought-after skill, and UB offers innovative ways to practice it. Leadership House is a for-credit program for students who want to grow their leadership skills. Through Here to Career, you’ll gain real-world skills through meaningful on-campus work experiences. Based on feedback from actual employers, this program will help you stand apart in today’s competitive job market. You can also get involved in any of UB’s 400+ clubs and organizations, which offer plenty of ways to lead and learn from others.

Unique Experiences 
Pursue your passion through one of our on-campus organizations. Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars provides support for entrepreneurship. If you’re interested in research or learning outside of the classroom, visit the Experiential Learning Network. The College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences offer experiential learning programs, too. You can also take on an independent study or pursue an internship with the help of the Career Design Center. The Office of Fellowships and Scholarships can help you compete for nationally competitive awards. And if you see these experiences taking place in another part of the world, consider studying abroad.


As you navigate your UB journey, there’s one thing you can count on: Things. Will. Change.

Maybe you’ve discovered an interest that opens the door to a new career path. You excel in a course, and now you want to learn more about the subject. Or, maybe your original plan doesn’t feel like a fit anymore. There’s no way to anticipate how much you’ll grow and change during college, and that’s ok.

If you’re thinking about changing your major, you’re not alone! About 80 percent of college students change their majors at least once. If you’re contemplating changing your major, we encourage you to visit the Undergraduate Academic Advising website to learn more about finding the right fit.

Change doesn’t have to throw you off course. Your advisor is there to help you pivot and plan for your next steps. They’re the experts in guiding students through change. They want to see you succeed, and so do we. UB has a strong support network that you can rely on to make your transitions as smooth as possible.


Everyone needs a little support now and then—whether it’s help with new academic challenges, keeping healthy or managing relationships. Reaching out when you need to is a really smart move. There is a whole university of faculty, staff and administrators who are ready to help you. Visit our resources page for more information.

UB For Life

Your undergraduate journey will go by so fast. Soon, you’ll be ready to graduate! All good things must come to an end, but your relationship with UB doesn’t have to. As an alumnus, you have access to resources that can help you achieve the next step in your journey, and the next and the next.

When you graduate, you immediately become a member of the UB Alumni Association, where you can stay connected with other UB alumni, attend events and get involved to give back to your alma mater. If it’s career support you’re seeking, contact the Career Design Center. They have tools to help you navigate your career, make a career transition, find a new job and build your network.

Wherever life takes you, UB will always be your academic home. We’ll be there for you as you take your next step and will welcome you back with open arms.